2018 Top 8 of the best and most useful Surf accessories

Paul-Adrien Bourgue

1. Mount GoPro Mouth Holder

Surfing and carrying a GoPro in your hand is not something simple.  That's why Surfers created a Mouth mount to be able to record your Surf session and keep your hands free to get the balance on your surfboard. Using the mouth mount takes a bit of practice but results in some really fun point of view shots.  Once you’re up and riding the wave you can also easily take it out and hand hold it.


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2. Key Storage Lock Box

Locking your car and just hide your key somewhere is one of the risky issues associated with surfing. Nothing is safe these days and it happened to many sufers to had their cars stolen by criminals who watch when surfers leave their keys and then go and steal the car once the surfer gets in the water.
The Key storage lock box is another one of my must have surf gadgets.  The only issue with this is that you need a hitch that will accommodate the safe. However, if you do have one you can just set up the 4 lock digits numbers and enjoy your session , the Key storage lock Box is an amazing thing to have whether you’re surfing, snowboarding, or just heading out to a bar or restaurant and don’t want your keys in your pocket.


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    3Ear Plugs

    Surfing in cold water or cold windy conditions puts can cause some problems developing exostosis, more commonly known as surfer’s ear, a condition that causes abnormal bone growth in the ear canal. Ear plugs prevent the ears of surfers, swimmers, and others wattersports. Unlike other ear plugs, these optimize hearing and balance.


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    4. Changing Wetsuit Bag

    The chaging Wetsuit Bag will become for sure one of your best friend for your Surfing sessions, The best surf invention ! Perfect for wiping your feet free of sand or dirt. It's perfect for use in car parks when getting out of wetsuits. Just throw all the wet gear into the bag, pull up the drawstrings and it's packed neatly away. The bags are usually made with fully waterproof and very heavy duty so can be washed down.


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    5. Surfboard Socks

    The Surfboard Socks is a classic must have for any surfers. Surf board are the jewel of every sufers that's why you want to do everything to keep if protected of any dangerous hits your board can endure. A Surfboard Socks is a perfect choice if you want simple board protection from scratches, dirt, sand UV exposure. It's also a perfect choice for home storage and to reduce wax on seats while transiting to and from the beach.


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    6. Bicycle Rack For Surfboard

    Surfboard bikeycle racks are the best way of traveling to your local surf spot without spending money on gas. Fortunately, surfboard bike racks were invented, so that you can easily move from your house to the beach without wasting money and polluting the atmosphere. Sometimes, good waves are within a long walking distance. A bicycle is fast and will warm up your legs before hitting the line-up.


    surboard bike rack endless tube surf shop

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    7. Surf Wax & Wax Remover

      Surfboard wax is a formulation of natural and synthetic wax for application to the dec to prevent the surfer from slipping off the board when paddling out or riding a wave. It's too sticky that it can get hard to remove that's why surfers invented wax remover tool to help you to clean your surfboard wax after few sessions.


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      8. A Good Surf Bermuda 

      Nothing is more annoying than being disturbed and feel uncomfortable during a surfing session, it's a detail but it's important to choose your surf bermuda long enough to avoid the wax of stitching your leg hairs or sliping up from your hip.


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